Simone Harouche: “Winter Kate pieces are totally modern and fresh”

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Stylist, Simone Harouche, who is close friends with, and occasionally styles, Nicole Richie, has written a very brief post about some Kimono’s that she loves on Check out what Simone had to say about the Winter Kate piece she chose and also Nicole.

Four out of five of these are again vintage. What can I say? The other one (second one on the right) is Winter Kate. I love Winter Kate. Nicole’s line achieves what many brands today try to achieve but can’t. Her clothes have a bohemian aesthetic, but the pieces are totally modern and fresh. Not to mention so easy to incorporate into everyday looks. I love that it never looks like you are trying too hard when you are wearing Winter Kate. It’s effortlessly cool – exactly like the designer herself. Nicole is a dear friend and happens to be one of my clients. We have very similar taste in clothes and let me tell you, she is an excellent person to do trades and borrows from her closet with!


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