Style Journal: Mixed Prints

A new section to Nicole’s website has being launched and it’s called “Style Journal.” In this section, Nicole will regularly add photos of herself along with some style tips, and tell us what she’s wearing and where we can get those exact pieces from. She will also let us know where we can get some alternative pieces if we can’t get the original ones for various reasons. I think that this is a wonderful feature to Nicole’s site and I look forward to seeing more entries. Here is a snippet of Nicole’s first ‘look’ and fashion tip:

It doesn’t have to be a red carpet for you to pull off a chic look on a Monday afternoon. We’ve all been there when you’re standing in front of your closet trying to pick something that looks “together,” at which point it all sort of spirals downhill.

You can head over to the site to see the pieces and the rest of the entry by clicking here.

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