BFF Of The Week, Birthday Edition!

I just came across this article on, which is the best website ever, written about Nicole by one of her close friends, Sophia Rossi (who is awesome)! Go and check it out because it’s so cute! Here’s a little excerpt from it:

Fun Facts about Nicole Richie:
– She was in a rap group growing up called CAUTION
– She makes herself die of laughter at least 4 times a day.
– She knows all her friends phone numbers by heart. (Who even knows numbers anymore?)
– She doesn’t love sweets. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?)
– She is amazing cook. Her tilapia is on point.
-She is one of the best dancers and singers I know. And people, I know some good ones.
-She sometimes get dressed in 5 minutes and looks like a supermodel. (That’s annoying, right?)
-She would defend her friends to the end. (I’ve seen her try to protect me, she is way macho.)

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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