Birthday Project Reminder

Hello everyone. This is just a reminder that you only have until THIS SUNDAY to send in your birthday wishes for Nicole’s 30th birthday on September 21st.

You can send in text and pictures three different ways. 1) Twitter replies. 2. Email ( 3. Leaving a comment on this post.

Everything you send will be shown on their own page, which will be tweeted to Nicole. I cannot guarantee that she will see this, but I’m pretty confident that she will and I will not give up! All written messages have been edited for spelling and grammar only – nothing else will be changed.

Here is a list of people who have submitted something so far: Mara Krizelle, Sally, Judy, Eliana, Danica, Ellie, Helen, Olivia, Yohna, Tiffany, Khariezma, Roxane, Charlotte, Arline, Dana, Courtney, Jamie, Blair, Genna, Amanda, Precious & Xavier, Belinda, Anna, Rachael, Nadeen, Kenzie and Susanne.

If you’re not on this list but you have sent something in, then please contact me as soon as possible using one of the methods mentioned above.

Thank you! xoxo

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