Kim Kardashian Spills Wedding Secrets

Here’s part of an article that mentions Nicole’s help with Kim’s Wedding Dress – which I cannot wait to see as Kim’s wedding was yesterday! I hope it was an amazing day for everyone in attendance as well as the lucky bride and groom!

While Vera Wang is designing it, Kim’s pal Nicole Richie also had an influence. Richie told her, “‘I had this vision for your gown, just hear me out. I think you should go super classic, really old Hollywood,'” Kardashian says. “‘Think museum. You can’t go with something trendy.'”

“She came over and was drawing out all these things. It completely changed what I thought I was going to go with.” Which, Kardashian says, can be described as a timeless look. Another hint? “There might be more” than two dress changes throughout the night.


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