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Nicole Richie: Secret Snacks

Written by admin on August 09 2011

Nicole was recently interviewed about how she has learnt to manage her hectic schedule over at thefood-life.com. Read a snippet of the article below:

Nicole Richie has just arrived at the photo shoot off a red eye from Paris but appears just as lively as her team, styling outfits, accessorizing the model, and art directing each shot. It is clear that this mom has learned how to master her schedule and does so quite elegantly, leaving us to question, how does she do it?

“It’s all about my on-the-go snacks!” she explains. A jet-setting mother’s purse is typically filled with antibacterial wipes, vitamins, toys, and makeup. But to Nicole, the most important items in her purse are the snacks she totes around to maintain energy running from place to place. “I keep a stash of roasted seaweed and almonds in my purse at all times.” Today we catch up with the petite mogul – actress, writer, designer, and mother to two young tots – at a Brooklyn photo studio where she is shooting the look book for her upcoming Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 collections. Sitting amongst patterned frocks, decadent jewelry, and over-sized sunglasses, she dishes to The Food-Life on what keeps her going on a busy day.

You can read the full article here.
Below is a picture of Nicole that the food life tweeted and put with the article:

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