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Fan of the Week 2: Tiffany

Written by admin on July 18 2011

Every week or so, I’m going to be doing a post showing one of Nicole’s fans and why they admire her! I think it’s a great way to connect more people with common interests together as well as showing Nicole exactly who her fans are! Click here to find out how you can apply. Everyone who does apply will be featured at some point, so what are you waiting for?

My name is Tiffany and I’m from Queensland, Australia. I’ve been a fan of Nicole ever since i first saw her on the simple life season 1. I loved her style and her sense of humour. As the simple life road trip came around I fell even more in love with her style, man did i love those colourful hair extensions. But seriously it isn’t just her style that im a fan of. I think she is just all around an inspiring person. She’s been through so much in her life and she was strong enough to come out on the other side. She’s a smart woman and though her style and hair changes, her humour and class doesn’t. She’s all around an amazing role model, she makes mistakes but she takes responsibly for them and moves forward no matter what. I admire that.


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