[Official Site] Ask Kelly, Your Questions Answered!

Remember Nicole’s blog post about your chance to ask Kelly Sawyer-Patricof some parenting questions? No? Well, never mind. Here are some questions and answers, perfect for new mummies!

Dear Kelly,
Would it make a difference to make baby food myself, instead of buying it at the store?

Dear Nancy:
I made my own with a Babycook Baby Food Maker.
(An all-in-one food processor that steams and purees.) It was really quick and easy. If you don’t have the time to make your own, choose organic baby food made without additives or preservatives. (Earth’s Best is great.) Don’t stress over it. Make your own when you have time. You can always freeze what you don’t use right away. Mashed avocados and bananas are a super-easy option you can make anytime.

For more, click here to see Nicole’s full post!

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