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Written by admin on July 02 2011

Nicole introduces us to one of her close friends, Kelly Sawyer, who has helped Nicole a lot during her pregnancies. You can ask Kelly a question on Nicole’s website in the comments by clicking here. Read what Nicole said below:

You can consult all the experts in the world, but the opinions you value most are the ones that belong to your friends.

Meet my friend, Kelly Sawyer-Patricof. Kelly is a woman who wears many hats. She is the creative director of Satine’s Private Label. She is a passionate philanthropist and co-president of Baby2Baby. Most important, Kelly is an extraordinary mother of two.

I was pregnant at 25, and although I was technically an adult, I didn’t feel like a REAL adult. I bought all the pregnancy and baby books, watched all the videos, but nothing hit home. It all felt so inaccessible to me. The transition to motherhood seemed out of my reach. Even though the books were very informative, I felt a bit overwhelmed.

Lucky for me, I have great friends that I can turn to. Kelly is one of those girls I can discuss ANYTHING with. She is a young, free-spirited, working mother. She is never afraid to break it down and keep it real. Kelly is one of those great women who seem to take the juggling act of motherhood, marriage, and work in stride — while wearing 5-inch heels and drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Now YOU can turn to Kelly, too. Ask her questions about kids, parenting – anything you need to talk about with a really smart, funny, honest, and supportive friend. I know I will.

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