[Photos] Old Candids and a New Photoshoot

Today I’ve been busyadding from candids from 2006 that weren’t already in the gallery. I’ve also added a photo shoot, which is unfortunately tagged, that Nicole did in France at the end of last year. Check them out below:

Frederic Pinet Photo shoot (credit to nrichiespain.livejournal.com)

August 7 – At Maxfield Bleu with some friends

August 9 – At the Ivy and 99 cent store for the Tyra Banks Show

August 14 – Having fun at the beach in Malibu

August 14 – Dining with Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt at Il Tramezzino

August – Lunch at La Conversation in West Hollywood

August 25 – Out in Beverly Hills with Brody

There are more newly added candids from 2006 in the gallery.

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