[News] Regarding Competitions

Hello everyone! I really want to host a competition for you guys who frequently visit my site and help to make it what it is. But I want to know what type of things you would all like to win if I did start to do competitions. I’m sure you’d all like to win a variety of everything, but I want to find out which type of prize is in the highest demand. However, the only way I can host a competition is if enough people vote in the poll shown below. There’s no way that I can try to give away any big prizes when I know that only 6 people will enter – it seems like a waste of time! So please vote by going to IHeartNicole.Us’s Facebook and don’t forget to spread the word. If you don’t have Facebook or would rather not vote on there, then feel free to leave a comment on this post by clicking here. This helps me to get an idea of how many people would enter and what you would all be most likely to enter for.

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