[News] Nicole to have her own daytime talk show?

Rumours are circulating that Nicole is set to start her own daytime talk show. However, this is JUST a rumour so it may not be true, but it still sounds exciting nethertheless. Nicole is supposedly filming a pilot.

“It has been suggested that Nicole Richie is in talks to host her own chat show, the show will consist of fashion, parenting tips, celebrity guests and chat show advice. A ‘source’ has revealed that Nicole is currently shooting a pilot for the show!”

What are your thoughts on Nicole having her own daytime talk show? I’m sure she’ll fit perfectly as a television host! As we all know, Nicole has an amazing personality.

Back in November 2009, Nicole told us that she is working on a television project, which will be a half hour scripted comedy for ABC in which she’ll be starring in as well as producing. I wonder if this project is still in production, as they were in the very early stages at that point.


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