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[Official Site, Video] Nicole and Tracy Anderson Workout!

Written by admin on March 29 2011

A while ago, Nicole visited her trainer, Tracy Anderson, who has been filming her new workout video! The two girls show us how it’s done by dancing and working out to a J LO song – I love and admire how motivated they both are. Nicole also posted the following on her website:

For the past few months I’ve been working with Tracy Anderson and as much as I like staying fit, going to the gym is something I struggle with. I tend to get bored easily and my body type just doesn’t respond as well to lifting weights or most workout regimens. Tracy was able to tailor something for my body type, targeting my problem areas while still making sure I keep my curves. Being a mom and a dancer, she is able to draw from that while customizing my workouts. My favorite portion of my workout is the dance-cardio which changes all the time and incorporates my love for dance in a fun way.

As I get older, I realize the importance of being fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about being thin, but about being healthy. It’s also important for me to train my muscles and condition my body now, so that all I have to worry about is maintenance rather than playing catch up later on in life.

Here’s a glimpse into what Tracy and I have been up to. We’ll be posting more videos in the future so be sure to be on the lookout for those…


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