[Twitter, Misc] Nicole replied to me on Twitter!

On October 24th of this year, Nicole herself replied to me on my personal twitter account, and I was so excited and in shock that I actually cried. It may sound silly, but Nicole is someone I’ve looked up to for years and years. It meant, and still means, so much to me and I admire her even more for that! You can read what was said below:

MissTonix: @nicolerichie It would mean so much to me if you replied. I’m a huge fan & I have been for years! I love you & I’ll always support you! xoxo
NicoleRichie: what a lovely message. thank you so much for all the support it means the world to me. xo (this was a DM)
MissTonix: @nicolerichie “Thank you so much, I’m literally crying! I can’t wait to read your new book xo
NicoleRichie: @misstonix ;) xoxo

I thought you all should know. If you want something long enough, it just may happen :).

4 Comments on “[Twitter, Misc] Nicole replied to me on Twitter!”

  1. Wow, Lucky girl ! I am a very big fan of Nicole too, and
    I’ve send some messages to herself … but she have not answered. You’re very lucky, It was so magic that’s Nicole
    have answer you ! Good bye, xoxo :)

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