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[Interviews] WonderwallMSN Twitter Interview

Written by admin on October 14 2010

Nicole recently took part in a Twitter interview with WonderwallMSN. They discussed “Priceless” and much more. You can read the entire interview below:

WonderwallMSN: You ready for our Twitterview?
NicoleRichie: READY! LET’S GO!
WonderwallMSN: Sweet! So it’s been five years since you wrote “The Truth About Diamonds.” Why did you decide to write #pricelessbook now?
NicoleRichie: It was important to me that I had time to live life a bit & be inspired to tell another story. I wanted to connect 100 %
WonderwallMSN: Sounds like you were prepared. How did writing #pricelessbook differ from writing “The Truth About Diamonds”?
NicoleRichie: Writing a novel for the 1st time can be scary! When I wrote Priceless, I knew exactly where I wanted the story to go
WonderwallMSN: Experience is a great teacher :) Do you think you’ll ever write a children’s book?
NicoleRichie: at the moment, my focus is on writing my 3rd novel, which will be out next fall. But I never say never to anything :)
WonderwallMSN: Cool. Looking forward to your next novel then! What do you need around you when you write?
NicoleRichie: I need to be alone. Great music, incense, & time with my feelings
WonderwallMSN: Nice. And since the book is “Priceless,” what’s the most priceless thing you own?
NicoleRichie: my hot body. JK. My family. Although, I don’t own them, they own me!
WonderwallMSN: Haha! You’re an actress/writer/clothing designer/philanthropist. Which do you consider yourself first and foremost?
NicoleRichie: I am a philanthropist first. Its not a job. It’s beyond work. Its a part of my life, & my families life. Day in & day out
WonderwallMSN: Very cool. But speaking of jobs and family, Harlow has two clothing lines named after her. When will Sparrow get one?
NicoleRichie: The lines are womens lines. It was important to give the lines a feminine title, that mean something to me.
WonderwallMSN: Maybe for a men’s line one day. And speaking of fashion, what fall trends are you most excited for?
NicoleRichie: The lines are womens lines. It was important to give the lines a feminine title, that mean something to me.
WonderwallMSN: Last question! Can you tweet us a picture of yourself right now?
NicoleRichie: I wouldn’t want you getting nightmares. I’m fresh from the gym!
WonderwallMSN: Totally get it :) Thanks for tweeting with us, Nicole. Good luck w #pricelessbook. Everyone get it here: http://amzn.to/cfwNlG
NicoleRichie: Thanks guys!!

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