[Miscellaneous] NRichieNews’ Birthday Project

Just in case you were wondering: I am unable to carry out a special project for Nicole’s 29th birthday as I don’t have enough people visiting my site. This means that there will be no chance of Nicole seeing the wonderful messages! The original plan would of been for me to have a special page on the site where you can leave birthdays messages, and then it would be been nice if everyone could’ve pitched in to tweet Nicole so she has a better chance of seeing it. Remember that everyone will be wishing her a happy birthday so she’ll be getting lots of tweets. Maybe in the future if more people start to visit and follow me on Twitter, then we can make that happen… but for now, please sign the guest book at NRichieNews as she is doing a special birthday book for Nicole, and I’m pretty sure you would all love to be a part of that! Please RT this or tweet the writing below to help spread the word! Thank you.

Nicole Richie turns 29 next week. Send Nicole Richie a Birthday message in our Birthday project .. http://bit.ly/aw3Mbv Please RT!!

EDIT: Also sign another guest book by clicking here.

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