[News, Photos] Nicole’s WhoWhatWear Feature

As you may know, Nicole recently went to the WhoWhatWear.com offices to be guest editor! And today, her feature was released check out the photo below, and read more information on the website by clicking here. Here’s a snippet below:

Taking her Guest Editor responsibilities very seriously, Richie showed up at our office with her game face on and sorted through racks upon racks of amazing dresses, jeans, coats, accessories, and more! So what is this budding fashion mogul currently craving this season? First and foremost, she’s partial to eye-popping red accessories, including C.Z. Falconer’s Gwynn Beanie Beret ($155) and Jerome Dreyfuss’ Carlos Bag ($936). On a non-rouge note, she’s also quite infatuated with …

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