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[News] Priceless: UK Release Date & Full Story Outline

Written by admin on August 01 2010

Nicole Richie’s new novel, Priceless, will be released on October 28th, in the United Kingdom; a month after the original release date. You can pre-order the book at Play.com or Amazon.co.uk. If you are unsure about pre-ordering the book, then read some more information on what the book is about below!

Charlotte Williams is a poor little rich girl: she’s spoiled, gorgeous, self indulgent, narrow-minded and out of touch with anything resembling the ‘real’ world, living the high life on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. When her father ends up in prison, she finds her rarified world shattering around her. Penniless and without a family, she must find her own way for the very first time. A wonderfully entertaining riches-to-rags story with the glitz of a celebrity mag expose, mixed with an old-fashioned tale of comeuppance and self discovery.

– Courtesy of Play.com. You can head over to Amazon.co.uk to read a different outline of the book that reveals even more! I’m super excited about this book and I intend on pre-ordering it when I get back off of holiday – only because I’ll have money then – and I think you should too as I’m sure it will be a best seller just like Nicole’s 2005 novel, The Truth About Damonds, was.

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