The Daily Telegraph Interview + Video

Nicole Richie recently shared her Top 10 Style Tips, whilst she was in Sydney, with The Daily Telegraph. You can read them below. Honestly, I think they are fantastic tips to live by; Nicole definitely knows what she is talking about. Also, there is a behind the scenes video of Nicole at a photo shoot she did for Sunday Magazine that you should check out! She looks gorgeous!

Richie listens to her gut for a lot of her purchases. “I wear what speaks to me – I ‘feel it in my bones’! No, I’m only kidding. When I shop, I know if it’s working or not. We all experience that thrill when we know something looks right.”

“If you’re going to spend on one thing, even when you’re on a budget, I’d say splash out on shoes. They make an outfit. And your feet don’t grow any more, so you can wear a good pair of shoes forever.” (Richie’s current favourites are a pair of snakeskin ballet pumps.)

Read more here.

If the video doesn’t play, click here to watch it.


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