Videos of Nicole at the Glamour Awards

Thanks to ElizabethToni on YouTube, I’ve added a video of Nicole arriving to the 2010 Glamour Awards. She gets out of a car, poses for some photos and signs some autographs. I love the way she says “You’re Welcome” – so cute! I love her.

I also found another video, thanks to ITN, of celebrities talking about their most unglamorous experiences. And it just so happens that Nicole mentions the time she put her hand in a cow’s butt hole during The Simple Life 1. So that’s nice haha.
Nicole comes on at approx. 1:49 seconds.

Well, I think we can all agree that Nicole looked beautiful at the awards; the people who got to meet her and get her autograph are really lucky people. It’s annoying how the paparazzi people yell “NICOLE” like it’s a life or death situation. haha.

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