#WeLoveNicoleRichie Twitter Project

Since Nicole Richie is someone who has being my idol for many years, I thought it would be nice to show her how her how much I adore her, and I want your help to try and get #WeLoveNicoleRichie trending on Twitter! This is a big project, but I know we can do it! I want her to see it, and imagine how amazing it would be if she saw it and you were one who helped to do that?! This can be our goal for the week! Please tell people and keep RTing all of the tweets found on my Twitter page. You can also help by retweeting the information below; thank you!

RT: Please help trend #WeLoveNicoleRichie #IHeartNicoleUs

EDIT:// It’s quicker, easier and much more helpful to RT this tweet.

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