The Adventures of Nicole & Molly

Remember that contest Nicole held a while back for a fan to spend the day with her? Well Nicole posted an hilarious video on her site, which follows Nicole showing the winner, Molly, what a normal day of being Nicole consists of. Molly is so lucky and she seems like such a nice and beautiful person; I’m glad she won the competition! And Nicole is so funny, as always, I love her.

Hi guys. Recently I spent a day with the lovely and talented Molly (the winner of a contest I hosted) and gave her a little insight into a regular day in my life. Watch the video above, which I’ve personally titled…The Adventures of Nicole & Molly. Enjoy!

Nicole is on the cover of Grazia Magazine

Nicole was recently in Sydney to open the famous MidCity centre, and she also did a cover shoot and interview for Australia’s Grazia magazine while she was there. You can check out the cover, and read a snippet from the interview below!

And the best buy for this season?

“I would say a really great, chic peacoat never goes out of style.”

We’re sorted. Now, on to a choice between a pair of Louboutins or Wittner boots; there’s barely a glance at the Loubs before she’s all over the high-street pick. For a girl who can afford anything, it’s deeply refreshing. So how has her style evolved?

“You know what, fashion is really fun and I think you just have to have fun with it and experiment with different looks,” she confides.

Read more of the interview here, or buy the magazine which is out right now for the full story.

Nicole Richie’s New Novel Released in October

Nicole Richie’s new novel, titled Priceless, will be available to buy this October. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to read it as I adored her first novel, The Truth About Diamonds. Also, Australia’s twitter account for HarperCollins books, posted a photo featuring Nicole; they wrote:

We were lucky enough to meet with @nicolerichie last week! Her new novel, Priceless, is out this October. Yay!


“Winter Kate Limited Edition Nicole Dress” Pre-Order

Do you wish you could buy the dress Nicole wore above to the Glamour Awards. Well now you can! It’s available to pre-order at for $795.00 (approx. £538) and it features in sizes XS, S, M, L. So what are you waiting for? Go and pre-order yours before it’s gone!! It will ship out at the end in November.

The Winter Kate Limited Edition Nicole Dress in Pink, designed by Nicole Richie, will take you back to romantic times. The dress is an Trend Boutique exclusive cut and is made in limited quantities. A sweetheart bust and elegant hem draping give the vintage-inspired piece a feminine touch. The luxurious silk dress is a gem in the Winter Kate Collection.

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