You’ll Need a Double Take at these new Candids

Nicole was spotted wearing the same outfit a while ago, but these two new sets of candids have been listed as new! I think they could be new due to the fact that there are some small differences with hair and the outfit, but it’s questionable due to the fact that we hardly ever see Nicole wearing the same thing twice! Although, it could be that she’s trying to make them less interesting to draw some attention away from her because of the paparazzi! I’ve added them anyway as she looks beautiful! :)

June 23 – Heading to Traffic School in Van Nuys

June 30 – Arriving at Traffic School Van Nuys

Priceless Book Cover and Release Date

Nicole Richie posted a new blog post on her official site about her new novel, Priceless! The cover looks amazing and you can view it larger in the gallery! I wish that it was her on the cover though, but nevertheless it looks fantastic! Nicole wrote:

I’m proud to finally announce that my second novel “Priceless” will be out this fall on September 28th, 2010. This book has been a project that I’ve put my heart and soul into and I’m happy that I get to share it with you here first.

Hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: Nicole briefly mentions her book in a video, click here to watch it.


[Rumour] Nicole Calls off wedding

According to the latest articles, Nicole has reportedly called off her wedding to fiancé and Good Charlotte member, Joel Madden. But personally, I think this is a false rumour due to the fact that it has been said that the couple haven’t even started planning the wedding yet. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the article, you can read it below:

Here comes the bride? Or not, as it now seems.

Simple Life star Nicole Richie has called off her wedding to her fiancé and father of her two children, rocker Joel Madden.

Insiders claim that the star, who is Lionel Richie’s daughter, decided to cancel her big day because of Madden’s reluctance to settle down.

The Daily News reported that the musician is more interested in living the rock star life than being a husband and father, quoting a source as saying: “Their wedding is off for now.”

“Nicole is upset that Joel seems more interested in being on the road with his buddies, boozing and hanging out in bars than he is in sharing family time in LA.”

The insider added: “It’s become a joke among Nicole’s family and friends how many times she’s planned and postponed the ceremony.”


GRAZIA: Behind the Scenes

Nicole posted a blog on her official site titled, “GRAZIA: Behind the Scenes“, which included some behind the scenes photos from her recent photo shoot for Australia’s Grazia magazine. Have a look at what she wrote below; click the photos to enlarge.

I recently did a spread for Grazia Magazine while in Australia. Here are some behind the scenes photos followed by the article itself.

Nicole also posted a photo she took in 2008 on her site; she titled the post “Just a photo I took…“. Check it out below, it’s a great shot! I hope Nicole posts more photos like this! She added:

PHOTO: Elephant Bath

Photo taken by Nicole Richie in Phuket, Thailand 2008


Nicole leaves the CNN Building & Extended Probation?

Nicole was spotted leaving the CNN Studio yesterday after she helped out with the raising money process for the gulf oil spill. Also, it is rumoured that Nicole has neglected her alcohol education classes due to her parenting and busy schedule, which means that her probation term will be extended for one more year.

As of her latest hearing, Nicole will be on probation until March of 2011, though the judge may terminate the prolonged term if Richie gets her work done early.

The official report noted, “Her attitude is excellent,” a welcome change from that of other legally challenged celebrities.