[Photos] Nicole in the August issue of ASOS Magazine

Nicole Richie is in the August issue of ASOS Magazine and she looks beautiful; I love the photo shoot. You can read a snippet of the article below, and you can see the photos and read the rest of the article by clicking on the photos that follow:

[On what her inspiration was for Winter Kate A/W] I always want to dress more sophisticated and dress up a more in fall and winter, but things are just so uncomfortable so it’s not fun to dress up. My goal was to create statement pieces that are more dressy but make them comfortable. I would say 90 per cent of that is in the fabric. All these blazers are so easy to wear. You can just throw them on.

[Twitpic] Nicole Richie: “Do I Make You Horny?”

Nicole Richie added a twitpic of herself, Kelly Sawyer, Katherine Power, Ashley Simpson Wentz, Nina Lenders and Simone Harouche enjoying a girly night! I love the photo, they all look fabulous; you can view it larger below! She tweeted:

DO I MAKE YOU HORNY? @kellysawyer @katherinepower @ashsimpsonwentz @ninalenders @simoneharouche YEAH BABY!


Shameless Plug: C-Cole.com

My good friend, Alicia, just opened a fan site for Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Cole. You may also know Cheryl as Footballer Ashley Cole’s ex-wife, and also the amazing judge on the UK reality show, The X Factor. If you are a fan of Cheryl, like me, then you should definitely visit this site – just click the photo above. We should spread our love for Cheryl as she is currently sick with Malaria.

[Official Site, News] Guess Who’s Back?

Nicole posted a new blog post titled, Guess Who’s Back?, on her official site to announce that she will be returning to NBC’s Chuck as Heather Chandler. She also added a photo of her appearance from last time. I can’t wait to see new behind the scenes photos when shooting starts – I’m so excited! Read what Nicole wrote below;

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be returning to CHUCK on NBC in the fall reprising my role as “Heather Chandler” Sara’s high school nemesis. I had such an amazing experience last time around and felt so welcomed by the cast. Most importantly, acting is something that I truly love and something I’m looking forward to doing more of. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to return to the show and work with the cast again.

I’ll be posting behind the scene pictures here once shooting starts.


[Photos] Leaving Voyeur Nightclub with Christina Aguilera

Yesterday night, July 22nd, Nicole was spotted leaving Voyeur Nightclub with her close friend and pop singer, Christina Aguilera. They looked as though they had a great night out! Nicole is wearing a very cute outfit, so check out the photos below for a closer look! Oh, and don’t forget to follow the IHN.us on Twitter for more updates!

[News] Gypsy Jean Boutique is Coming Soon

The owner of NRichieNews.com will soon be opening a UK based boutique called Gypsy Jean, which means that now people from the UK and Europe will be able to buy Winter Kate clothing as the shipping is Worldwide! She promises “unique, individual designs from international and local designers“, which means Gypsy Jean Boutique will have more in stock than just Winter Kate.

For more information, you can contact the owner at any of the following sites. She also asks for you to contact her if you would like anything specific in stock so you can pre-order it! I can’t wait for the site to open!



Gypsy Jean Boutique

Gypsy Jean Boutique
Winter Kate
Nicole Richie

Gypsy Jean Boutique has a special offer, so don’t miss out!

Add Gypsy Jean Boutique for up to 40% off current Winter Kate stock & also pre order pieces from the fall 2010 collection of Winter Kate