Nicole Richie at the Falcon Show in Dubai

Yesterday, January 30th, Nicole Richie attended a Falcon Show in Dubai. Here are some more photos:

Candids > 2015 > January 30: On a desert safari in Dubai

Videos of Nicole Richie at the Dubai Shopping Festival

Thank you to chaimabens, thebeachdubai, jeannettepaola, missgeescott and maristuan on Instagram for sharing these videos of Nicole at the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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Nicole Richie’s personal styling session and meet and greet at the Dubai Shopping Festival

Today, January 30th, was when the events of the Dubai Shopping Festival truly began for Nicole, House of Harlow 1960 and the fans! Nicole did a personal styling session featuring House of Harlow, followed by a meet and greet photo session. Below are photos complied from the event from fans, bloggers, interviewers and more on Instagram.

This morning, Nicole Richie was spotted at the Dubai Falcon Show.

Appearances » 2015 » January 30: Personal styling session and meet & greet
Candids » 2015 » January 30: At the Dubai Falcon Show

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Instagram: DUBAI @houseofharlow1960

Nicole Richie posted two new photos on her Instagram. The House of Harlow 1960 Instagram posted the beach shot also!

nicolerichie: DUBAI @houseofharlow1960 #DSF

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Social Networks » HOH 1960 Instagram

Nicole Richie has Queen of Spades fitting in Dubai

Yesterday, January 29th, Nicole Richie had a fitting for Queen of Spades with its designer Lamya Abedin at Nicole’s hotel in Dubai. Lamya shared a photo on Instagram.

queenofspadesbylamyaabedin: Spent a lovely day with @nicolerichie at her hotel doing fittings for Queen of Spades! It was lovely to see how much she admired our Abayas. Sweetest person to meet and love! I was honored to meet her loveliest publicists as well. How cute do they all look and what a lovely salut to Dubai Nicole’s @houseofharlow1960 at The Beach. Welcome to Dubai @dsfsocial #mydsf

Appearances » 2015 » January 29: Queen of Spades by Lamya Abedin fitting in Dubai

The National interview Nicole Richie

The National interviewed Nicole Richie whilst she showcased her collection at a pop-up shop at the Dubai Shopping Festival.

What have you made of the UAE’s fashion scene and why was Dubai a choice market for you?

Well, I’ve been here less than 24 hours so it’s hard to say, but I must say that people here have a “look”. They take risks, they go for it and have fun with fashion. That’s really exciting for me and why I started this brand in the first place.

Any plans to open a boutique here?

I’d love to be here permanently in Dubai. I think that the city is really great at nurturing brands and it understands how to speak to customers; helping them understand what brands are all about. So yes I’d like to be here.

How do we best understand your brand?

It’s eclectic, fun and meant to be layered with other pieces. It’s supposed to make you feel free, confident and happy. It’s very music-inspired and I love the late 1960s, early 1970s, classic rock – that’s what hits home for me. I also love hitting flea markets wherever I am and especially if I’m traveling with my husband. I love finding new patterns, a colour, even a lampshade that I feel could be used as an earring! I like seeing alternative uses for things.

What are your three top picks from this capsule collection?

The shorts with suede fringing, the Chelsea sunglasses and the candles. I’ve taken my first step into homeware with the candles this year, so I’ll probably be expanding upon that. I love interiors and I love design so I’d say that would be a natural next stage.

Read the full interview over at The National by clicking here.

Video of tabloid! interviewing Nicole Richie