I ♥ Nicole .us • your biggest fan site for Nicole Richie

I ♥ Nicole .us • your biggest fan site for Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is at the Revolve Social Club in New York City to host the House of Harlow x Revolve Holiday Press Preview. Be sure to follow itsnikkifresh, hoh1960 and revolveclothing on Snapchat for behind the scenes shots. Elana Fishman from Racked got to interview Nicole before Nicole goes through the pieces in the House of Harlow x Revolve collections – including the new Holiday collection!

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Harper’s Bazaar recently spoke to Nicole Richie about her brand House of Harlow 1960, the collaboration with Revolve Clothing and whether or not pop culture actually died in 2009.

Nicole Richie has been in the media game for nearly a decade, parlaying a reality star stint into a full-fledged design career. Richie launched House of Harlow 1960 in 2009 and seven years later the brand is still a mainstay in the contemporary market. In a savvy business move, the LA-based designer has partnered with e-commerce giant Revolve and its design and production company Alliance Apparel on an exclusive ready-to-wear collection. “Revolve has been supporting Nicole since her first House of Harlow 1960 collection and we look forward to taking the next big step in elevating our brands together,” Revolve co-founder and CEO, Michael Mente, says “Nicole is a fashion icon that all our girls look to for inspiration.”

This coming weekend, some of those girls, including the bevy of fashion bloggers Revolve regularly courts are headed out East to the Hamptons house that the company has set up shop in for the month of July to fete its brands and partners, including HOH1960. BAZAAR spoke with Richie before she departed LA for eastern Long Island to see why Revolve is an ideal fit for House of Harlow 1960, how her well-documented style reflects her brand and whether or not pop culture actually died in 2009.

Harper’s BAZAAR: Why is Revolve a good partner for you?
NR: They’ve just been such an incredible partner, they know their customers so well and I feel like we are both speaking to the same girl. There are many parallels between the Revolve girl and the House of Harlow girl, it’s just been seamless.

HB: Revolve has a niche of working well with very high profile Instagram influencers. How do you and House of Harlow align with that—what’s your philosophy on using social media to further your brand?
NR: You know what, Revolve has been my first introduction to this way of promotion and the thing about working with Revolve is that I really trust them. And that’s so important in a partnership. At the end of the day, we want to reach as many people as possible—that have the same eye and the same love for fashion that I do. And Revolve knows how to do that. When they introduced me to this way of going about that I just immediately was on board because they know what they’re doing and they’re successful at it—so after that there’s really no room for me to really question.

HB: How would you really describe the aesthetic of House of Harlow?
NR: I’m inspired by the ’60s and the ’70s and I’m really inspired by music so that always plays the first role. I design every piece thinking about what exists in people’s closets already. This is 2016, I don’t expect people to wear my brand head to toe. So I love giving girls options layering options—many different pieces they can layer with pieces that they already have.

HB: How much does the brand reflect your personal style?
NR: Iwould say very much so. I’m actually right now shooting the holiday campaign. Now, we hired a model but I love to throw myself in my own campaign. And everything she puts on I’m like I love the way that that’s looking. Let me see the dress version of that. And right now I’m walking around in a gold lamé dress. And large gold hoops. So every single piece, I want to take home today.

HB: As someone who’s spent a lot of time in front of the camera, do you consider how the pieces will look in photographs when you design? We are living in an Instagram world, after all…
NR: I don’t necessarily think about how things will be photographed—more about the way that they make the girl feel. And by the way things could be photographed completely different on me than let’s say somebody who is a little bit taller. So that doesn’t really play a huge role, fashion to me is very emotional. It’s my strongest form of self-expression, and I love wearing a piece of clothing where I feel like I can run around at any moment and dance in it. So you know, I guess when I’m designing, I want the clothes to feel celebratory and feel very light and fun and feel like you could move seamlessly.

HB: You launched in 2009, with seven years in the business, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
NR: I’m learning every single day, the world is changing how you reach people with social media and with the Internet—and obviously revolve is direct to consumer. So I’ve spending this time really trying to understand this business model as well. And I think it’s really important as a creative director, to always keep your ears on the ground and always surround yourself with people who’ve been in the business longer than you to really think of new and creative ways to present your designs to girls.

HB: You are heading to the Hamptons with Revolve, what do you think is the biggest difference between East Coast summer and West Coast?
NR: Well, I grew up in LA so I’m definitely a West coast girl. It’s a totally different beach. It’s a totally different ball game. I feel like on the East Coast being at the beach is something they don’t get to do a lot. So you get this feeling where feel the energy of everybody just being so excited to be on vacation or in the sun. Here in LA I feel like we get that a little bit more so we don’t appreciate it as much. But there you could really feel the energy.

HB: How do you describe your summer style in general?
NR: It’s hard for me to describe my own style because I’m me. I love like a good pair of vintage jean shorts or jeans. Right now I’m living in my House of Harlow bodysuits or like a slip dress. I like to feel in the summer like I’m not wearing anything—so for me it’s all about fabrics and fit.

HB: Have you seen the new tumblr started by a high school boy called Pop Culture Died in 2009?
NR: No, I like barely know what tumblr is, I’m just so old.

HB: It’s funny because it’s literally a senior in high school who only documents pop culture between about 2006 and like 2009.
NR: How does he even know what happened in 2006?

HB: That’s what’s so funny about it. What do you think about this newfound fascination about that time period? It seems to be back in the conversation…
NR: I actually had no idea so I don’t even know.

HB: There’s a lot of pictures with you on it.
NR: Love it.

Nicole Richie is spotted at LAX Airport

Posted by Toni on
July 19th, 2016

On July 18th, Nicole Richie was spotted at LAX Airport to board a flight with her two children, Harlow and Sparrow. Nicole is heading to the Hamptons with Revolve Clothing, who she recently collaborated with for her House of Harlow 1960 line.

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USA Today have shared the news that Nicole Richie will be the keynote speaker for the next Create & Cultivate roaming conferences. They have been held all over the US, including LA, Portland and Dallas and have featured a wide variety of guests including Jessica Alba and Rachel Zoe who are close friends of Nicole. Find out more information below!

In its fourth year, Create + Cultivate has become a network for women looking to forge a career in digital entrepreneurship.

Nicole Richie will be the keynote speaker for the next installment of the roaming conferences, which have been held everywhere from L.A. to Portland and Dallas. Richie will be joined by Ayesha Curry, Whitney Port, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more than 50 other speakers with backgrounds in blogging, startups and marketing in Atlanta on Oct. 15.

Past speakers, including Rachel Zoe, Chelsea Handler and Jessica Alba, have touched on everything from the difficulties of starting a business, to juggling family life and tips to inspire creativity. They’ve also offered practical advice that’s hard to find if you don’t have a willing mentor, like how to be a more effective manager: “I really believe in not micromanaging people. I think if you hire talented people, you have to just let them be,” Zoe said at a past event.

Though the focus is primarily on the one-day physical conference, the organization, led by blogger-turned-CEO and conference founder Jaclyn Johnson, spreads the lessons digitally throughout the rest of the year. The blog has become a great resource, with a similar blend of practical technology updates (new Snapchat features and tricks for using LinkedIn) to advice on being healthy at work and how to recover from mistakes.

Tickets are $300 for the day, including meals, and are on sale now. If you can’t attend in person, we’ve compiled some of the best advice from Chelsea Handler’s keynote along with videos of past discussions below.

LA Racked writer Ashley Tibbits got to join Nicole Richie at NeueHouse Hollywood for a screening of Amazon’s Style Code Live. She shared the three reasons why Nicole is every fashion girl’s dream best friend.

As soon as I learned that I was going to sit down for dinner with Nicole Richie (and a few dozen other people, but who’s counting?), I was immediately fangirling. Now if you had told me the House of Harlow 1960 creator/hilarious TV personality would eventually be laughing, selfie-ing, and spilling serious style secrets with me, I would have probably gone into full-blown delirium.

And yet, that’s exactly where I found myself last night when the style star showed up to NeueHouse Hollywood for a screening of Amazon’s free, streaming series Style Code Live. Amid a filled crowd with other fashionable guests including Mr. Kate creator Kate Albrecht, Margo and Me’s Jenny Bernheim, wellness blogger Geri Hirsch, beauty expert Deepica Mutyala, and E! News correspondent Mark Malkin, we screened the live-from-New York episode and watched clips from previous shows (it launched back in March) which featured contributors like Ru Paul, Lauren Conrad, and — my spirit animal — EJ Johnson. Considering that list, I’ll def be tuning in from here on out.

Serendipitously, I sat across from Nicole (okay, I planned it) and I’m happy to report she’s just as cool, silly, and full of insight as you’d expect her to be. I’ve organized some of the highlights of the evening into a handy list of reasons why Nic rules. And yes, I’m calling her Nic now.



A photo posted by @nicolerichie on

Bodysuits, slip dresses and coconut oil are the staples that keep Nicole stylish in summer heat. She expanded on her bodysuit obsession by stating they can be worn as easily with baggy jeans (she prefers vintage Levi’s, FYI) as a mini skirt. Looking for one to add to your wardrobe? Her own label stocks a few options, including this classic white one.


Brushed my teeth, washed my face, & brushed down my JLOs. Night night bbs. 😘

A photo posted by @nicolerichie on

You already know this if you follow her social media channels, but Nicole is hardly a wallflower. In addition to excitedly snapping moments throughout the screening and dinner, she happily enjoyed steak and wine (my kinda girl), and busted out “Yas Queen!” on several occasions.


My new BFF @nicolerichie just taught me an invaluable posing tip. 👑💋 #yasqueen #stylecodelive

A video posted by Ashley Tibbits (@ashley_tibbits) on

After several of us watched Nic pose for the gods, I had to ask her how the hell she looks so flawless in every shot. Not only did she share a passed-down tip, but she let me take video while she demonstrated it. Friendship goals achieved.

Catch Nicole’s segment on Style Code Live Monday, July 8th at 6pm.

People’s Style News covers the tips Nicole Richie shared about her style and make-up on Amazon’s Style Code Live, hosted by Rachel Smith. For all of Nicole’s style secrets, you can watch the full show on Monday, July 18 at 9pm EST.

Nicole Richie may be a fashion plate, but she is also the quintessential California cool girl. In other words, the reality star turned fashion designer would never let her love of complicated couture trump her all-American tried-and-true stand-bys. Richie has a personal style M.O. that straddles the line between A-list celebrity and girl next door, which is also exactly why she’s become a style icon for so many and was the perfect fashion-forward guest for Amazon’s latest installment of Style Code Live hosted by Rachel Smith.

Of course, no interrogation into the finer points of Nicole’s superlative personal style would be complete without a comprehensive list of the things she’s currently feeling. She confessed, “I love a pair of vintage 501 Levi jeans. Those are a good staple [and] they’re very comfortable. Another staple is a bodysuit. Now, not to plug my own things, but I make them, so you can get them from me. A good pair of slip-ons, a good pair of flats and I love sneakers. I love flat shoes. I’m all of 5’1, so high heels aren’t giving me any real height.” We’re sure women everywhere are rejoicing over Richie’s denouncement of the mega-platform heels that pretty much defined her early aughts style.

But Nicole’s new style rules aren’t really about being on trend (a word she says she actually tries to stay away from “because I feel like it limits us, and there are plenty of things that look great on you that aren’t really for me, so you gotta do you and I gotta do me”), it’s more about the season and her desire for ease and simplicity in the face of sweltering temperatures. She told the host, “it’s very hot here, so I just like to feel like in the summer I’m not really wearing much, just like a slip dress, some slip-ons, coconut oil in the hair and lotion on the skin, and just call it a day.” Which is also what makes the bodysuit such a staple of her regular wardrobe rotation. She said, “You really can wear it with anything. Throw on a bodysuit with baggy jeans, body suit with a little skirt, bodysuit — anything, really.”

As for her skincare routine, Richie likes to keep thing au naturel, explaining that, “even though I’m covered in makeup right now, I actually don’t wear a lot in my real life because I don’t like to clog my skin. I like it to breathe. I like a lot of moisturizer. We talked about the coconut oil.” But if she does want to dress things up, she has one failsafe product to take her look from everyday to glam in an instant. “I don’t have a ton of makeup tricks,” she said, “but that is one of them. I like in the summer to put a little orangey-red lip on. I love it.”

And even though the star insists that she loves, “a nice, tailored, clean cut, handsome man,” she confessed that her husband, “loves to sag, and I love it…It’s like a weird science — I’m like how do you do that — but I think it’s hot. I think it reminds me of when I was like 19.”

And anything that harkens back to Richie’s “Simple Life” days we’re firmly in favor of. Sag on, Joel.

If you want to watch Nicole’s full segment, make sure to tune in on Monday, July 18 at 9pm EST to catch all her stylish secrets.

Nicole Richie and House Of Harlow 1960 hosted a screening of “Amazon’s Style Code Live” at NeueHouse Hollywood in Los Angeles, California on July 14th. You can watch the live show they recorded on Amazon.com by clicking here. Be sure to check out the Snapchat feeds of itsnikkifresh and hoh1960 for more.

Tonight on Style Code live, Rachel Smith is reporting live from our Style Code Live screening party hosted by Nicole Richie in Los Angeles. Plus, fashion guru and TV personality Jeannie Camtu Mai joins us live in the stuido. Then, your hosts decode how to style your sneakers. Also, tonight on Style Code Live, don’t miss YouTube beauty expert Tati Westbrook’s product of the week.

Fun with @nicolerichie at @stylecodelive tonite.

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