#CandidlyNicole Episode 9 Teaser

Teaser for episode nine of #CandidlyNicole: “Queen Bee.”


AOL’s #CandidlyNicole: Season 2 Episode 8

Episode eight of #CandidlyNicole: “Derby Doll.”


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American and Canadian visitors! Joel shared the following photo and message on his Instagram.

joelmadden: Happy Thanksgiving. Peace and Love from The Maddens.

Gilt.com Promotional Picture

Here is a lovely photo of Nicole Richie found on Gilt.com as part of their promotion for the House of Harlow 1960 Home Collection.

LA According to Nicole Richie

To celebrate the launch of the new House of Harlow 1960 Home Collection, Nicole told Gilt.com “where to light up the town.” By signing up for free to Gilt.com, you can get some good deals for these places. Click here or on the photo below to check it out and view more details regarding what they are offering.


Burning Love: Nicole Richie On Her Candle Obsession (And New Home Fragrance Line)

Stephen Milioti of Gilt.com interviewed Nicole Richie on her candle obsession and new home fragrance line. Check it out below:


Your empire is expanding fast — how did you decide to move into fragrance? Are there other categories you’re interested in pursuing? Stepping into the world of home has been a passion of mine since the day I started this brand. I designed my home. Candles set the tone of a home; they warm up a room and fill the room with a mood.

Tell us about the process of developing fragrances. Where did you begin? Did you have specific scent references you brought to the team? Developing a fragrance is very personal. I had to go back to the root of House of Harlow and what it stands for. House of Harlow celebrates individuality. It is a world of no rules, of dreams, and music. I wanted each scent to send you to the place of feeling free. Like Baby when she finally did the lift in Dirty Dancing.

What are some of your favorite scent memories? My mother has been pairing and mixing oils, options, and perfumes since I was a little girl. I always remember the way she smelled.

Are you big on using candles to set specific moods? How do you use them in your home? My home has candles in every room, and I burn them every day. Candles give the room movement and warmth.

Candles are such a go-to gift…do you plan to give your House of Harlow ones this season? DUH! Nothing screams “Im thinking of you” like a gift with my name on it.

What is the best holiday gift you’ve ever gotten? given? I still use a real camera. I love a tangible photo. My husband got me a photo printer last year and I love it.

What’s on your holiday wish list this year? I’m in a minimal head space right now. I’m focused on appreciating all that I have. That being said, I wouldn’t return a diamond … HOT DAMN!

What are your favorite family holiday traditions? How do you welcome the season? We go big for the holidays. We start decorating the house on October 1st for Halloween, and it’s nonstop for the rest of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are big for us; we do every tradition you could think of.

Your personal style has really evolved…how would you define it these days? It’s hard for me to define my style because I am me. My experience is that I have been playing with different looks since I was a little girl. I went through a Punky Brewster stage, a grunge stage, but this is the fun part about fashion. You don’t have to make rules for yourself. Your point of view changes, and your eye changes. You can appreciate things you didn’t in the past. From colors to construction, fashion is a constant evolution, and if used the right way, can be your biggest tool in helping you express yourself.

Has motherhood changed your approach to fashion? Has designing? I’ve always been led by comfort, so that has not changed. I still love to experiment, and probably always will.

A Closer Look at the HOH 1960 Home Collection

Nicole Richie’s new House of Harlow 1960 Home Collection includes home diffusers and candles, which can be bought separately or in sets. There are three different scents available also, and each scent includes two different colour variations of the designs for each product (candles and diffusers). The collection is available at Gilt.com now.

Midnight Moon Candle & Diffuser in two designs.
Bergamot, Pineapple, White Frangipani, White Tiare, Coconut Milk, and Sandalwood.

Design #1

Design #2

Saint James Candle & Diffuser in two designs.
White, Black, and Pink peppercorns set against a fresh backdrop of Carnation Absolute.

Design #1

Design #2

Winter Kate Candle & Diffuser in two designs.
Jasmine Tea, Pink Pepper, Fresh Cardamom, Clove Bud, Golden Saffron, Cinnamon Bark, Spicy Patchouli, and Atlas Cedarwood.

Design #1

Design #2

Votive Gift Sets
There are two gift sets available, featuring just the candles. One set includes the black and gold candles, and the other white and gold. Each of these sets come with a Midnight Moon, Saint James and Winter Kate candle.

These candles appear to be named after Nicole’s children. Harlow Winter Kate Madden – Winter Kate, and Sparrow James Midnight Sparrow – Saint James and Midnight Moon.

At this time the candles (including sets) are the only things to ship the EU as the diffusers ship the US only.