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Many of you have probably seen some of Nicole Richie’s tattoos and have heard the stories about how she regrets them, mainly her tramp stamp and the “Virgin” tattoo on her wrist. However, did you know that Nicole has nine tattoos in total?

  • Rosary on her left ankle and foot
  • “Virgin” on her right wrist
  • Red Shooting Star on left wrist
  • “Richie” and a Ribbon on her neck
  • Angel Wings on her back
  • Cross on her lower back
  • Tiara on her left leg at the top
  • Ballerina Slippers on her lower right hip
  • Tattoo Triva:

  • According to reports, Nicole was at her friend’s tattoo parlour, and he told her not to play with the tattoo gun, but being Nicole, she played with it and dropped it. When the gun dropped, it fired a spray of dots on a finger.
  • Kris Jenner has the same tramp stamp tattoo as her daughter Khloe Kardashian and Nicole. Khloe and Nicole got matching ones when they were around 16.
  • Nicole’s “Virgin” tattoo is symbolic of her star sign, Virgo.
  • Since Nicole got all of her tattoos when she was really young, you will notice a lot of them have now faded greatly; mainly the Angel Wings and the Red Shooting Star.
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    Urban Decan made Nicole Richie brand ambassador, representing the new "Troublemaker" mascara.
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    Portia Scott-Griffith
    A mother-daughter relationship is challenger when an overly involved New Jersey mum interns at her daughter's workplace; a cable news network.
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  • House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve
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    A collaboration between Nicole Richie and Revolve inspired by living in the city of Los Angeles. The collection includes maxi dresses, slip dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits, midi skirts and bralettes.
    Since 2016
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  • House of Harlow 1960
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