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Nicole Richie shares her winter reading list and more

Nicole Richie is on Belletrist’s Instagram stories talking about her Winter reads, what she’s reading currently and the books she’s looking forward to reading! Belletrist is a book club founded by actress Emma Roberts and her friend Karah Preiss.

In the story, Nicole says: “I wanna read Sapiens [A Brief History of Humankind] so bad, I’ve heard the most amazing things about it and I’ve owned this book for months, but I’ll be honest; it’s huge and size terrifies me.”

Head over to Belletrist’s stories to hear more! (Nicole’s section is also in their highlights).

Nicole Richie visits Nathan Turner’s labradors

On December 8th, the Instagram account @malibunacho posted a photo of Nicole Richie with a black labrador. The account has no real name apart from its website link is interior designer Nathan Turner’s official website

Thanks for the cuddle @nicolerichie I'm putty in your arms ?

A photo posted by Nacho (@malibunacho) on

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Jamie Schneider shares photo of Nicole Richie

On September 20th, Nicole Richie was out for dinner with friends to celebrate her 34th birthday today. Jamie Schneider shared the photo below:

sweetbabyjamie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this sweet-ish thang. I❤️u @nicolerichie for still going to meals with me (even when I order 12 asparagus and 2 heaps of spinach) ??


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