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Why You Need to Follow Nicole on Twitter and Instagram RIGHT NOW

VH1 have complied together some of Nicole’s best tweets and instagram posts in anticipation of Nicole’s new series, #CandidlyNicole.


Click here to check out their gallery of some of best. Here is what VH1 said overall:

Nicole Richie‘s new VH1 series, #CandidlyNicole, will debut on July 17th, but to get fans ready for the hilarious new show, we want to get the word out that everyone should probably be following Nicole on Twitter and Instagram. The new show will be based on her AOL web series of the same name, and is loosely based on her hilarious social media commentary. From the show’s press release:

“Nicole will take audiences on a fun and intimate ride through her own amusing point of view based on her outlandish reflections on social media (where she has more than four million followers). The show will detail her daily adventures and give insight into her decisions on style, relationships, her work life and her journey to adulthood. Whether it’s having a discussion with her dad about who his favorite daughter is on Father’s Day, meeting with a doctor about having her tramp stamp removed or helping her best friend find a date, Nicole has no problem offering her uncensored opinion to everyone she meets (even if they didn’t ask for it).”

If you haven’t checked out her profiles, don’t worry. We picked some of our all-time favorite posts to prove to you just why you need to follow her this second. From her musings on her dog’s digestion, to group selfies with her famous girlfriends to hilarious throwbacks of her dad, Lionel Richie, whom she refers to as L-Train, it’s basically as close to perfection as you can imagine. Take a look.

Be sure to follow @nicolerichie on both Instagram and Twitter.


New York Times: Nicole Richie’s Beauty Routine

Nicole Richie discusses her beauty routine with the New York Times. She covers skin care, make-up, fragrance, hair, beauty services, fitness and diet.


I recently colored my hair. It’s a lavender-slash-silver. My daughter asked me to do it, so I did. This change of color and all the maintenance is something new to me. Last July, I wanted to give my hair a break. I took all my extensions out for the first time in 10 years and for seven months I was rocking only leave-in conditioner and a slick back. I was giving my hair a chance to breathe because I do a lot to it. I color it and I do a Brazilian treatment. So I went from nothing to this color. It was a big jump.

With colored hair there are a lot of rules I’m learning. I just switched to this new natural shampoo by Davines, and I use a color conditioner that my hair colorist, Danny Moon, who works at Andy Lecompte salon, makes for me. He mixes up a combination of conditioner and color so that it deposits a little color each time.

Andy cuts my hair, and has since I was 19. He’s, coincidentally, one of my best friends. We’re around the same age and started out, in a way, at the same time. Because I’m his friend, he can experiment with me. Every major haircut I’ve had is one that he’s done. My attitude with beauty and hair is that it’s temporary: you can always change it. It’s how I feel about fashion as a whole. It’s fun to see Andy and experiment and do it for over 10 years. Danny is also great and crazy-looking; his hair is like a clown’s with so many colors. Danny colors Joel’s hair, too. He also gave my son a mohawk and gives my daughter hair chalk to play with.

Read the full article here.

Sneak Peek: #Candidly Nicole, Season 2

Nicole posted a hilarious tweet advertising season 2 of #CandidlyNicole.

Click on the link in the tweet to check out the “sneak peek” which are all clips from season 1, so that makes no sense to me but check it out anyway!

Nicole Richie draws inspiration from her nearly four million Twitter followers to shape a unique perspective on life, love, motherhood, and style.