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Nicole appearing on Wetten Dass with Lionel

Nicole Richie appeared alongside her dad, Lionel Richie, on the German show, Wetten Dass tonight.

I’ve added 4 photos thanks to I hope we can see more soon from the actual interview, which you can watch by clicking here. It’s rather funny, as usual; Nicole and Lionel are generally amazing people.

The pictures are different from the interview, so I wonder what they were doing in the pictures. It looks to be part of a different interview perhaps! Nicole looks gorgeous, I adore what she is wearing.

Nicole Rocking the Water Wings

Nicole recently posted two official site posts. The first titled, “Rocking the Water Wings“, with a picture of her from her childhood. She writes “Don’t hate.” underneath it. She looks adorable! The second post is titled, “WETTEN DASS“, which features a picture from what looks to be a TV spot announcing Nicole’s appearance on that show along with her dad, Lionel Richie. She explains her appearance below:

Hi everyone. My dad and I will be appearing on Wetten Dass, airing live tonight on ZDF at 8:15pm German time from Coliseo Balear in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Hope you can tune in.

You can view the photos here:

New Winter Kate Clothing

There hasn’t been any new photos for so long. I miss Nicole. I swear if she didn’t update her Twitter status, I’d think she were dead haha! Well anyway, because of the lack of candids, I’ve uploaded some new Winter Kate clothing from the upcoming Fall collection. They look amazing. Nicole is so talented. I can’t wait to see more. Thanks for the photos.

If you have anymore pictures from the WK collection, please email me at

Nicole and Mischa Barton could kick your ass

I’ve uploaded an old photo from 2005 of Nicole Richie to the Personal Photos album. It features Carlos E. Lopez, Cisco Adler, Mischa Barton, Masha Gordon, Liat Baruch, Andy Lecompte, Jeff Gold & Roger Berman at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. They look pretty gangster to be honest; wouldn’t want to get in their way (;

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Sheila Escovedo on Nicole Richie

Singer Sheila Escovedo spoke about her fame, and how quickly it happens and goes to your head. She says she “felt lost”, and she didn’t like what she had become. She also became very “demanding”: ‘I want it now! I’m not waiting! I’m paying you, so do it – bla, bla, bla.’ Sheila wasn’t prepared for the dark side of fame. She remembers watching her niece, Nicole Richie, go through the same thing she was experiencing. Take a look below:

Sheila Escovedo watched her niece, Simple Life star Nicole Richie, fall down the celebrity slope, too. Richie is the daughter of Sheila E’s brother, Peter Michael Escovedo, who played in Lionel Richie’s band. “Nicole is so much like my mom. They are like twins. They do crazy things,” Sheila E says. She said the family were shocked when Nicole admitted to, and overcame, drug addiction in 2004. “We didn’t have any idea. If we did, we would’ve done something.”

I guess fame isn’t as glamorous and fun as we thought it was. Would you like to be famous even though there is a high risk of falling into the wrong crowd? Let me know in the comments.