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#WeLoveNicoleRichie Twitter Project

Since Nicole Richie is someone who has being my idol for many years, I thought it would be nice to show her how her how much I adore her, and I want your help to try and get #WeLoveNicoleRichie trending on Twitter! This is a big project, but I know we can do it! I want her to see it, and imagine how amazing it would be if she saw it and you were one who helped to do that?! This can be our goal for the week! Please tell people and keep RTing all of the tweets found on my Twitter page. You can also help by retweeting the information below; thank you!

RT: Please help trend #WeLoveNicoleRichie #IHeartNicoleUs

EDIT:// It’s quicker, easier and much more helpful to RT this tweet.

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Wedding Rumors: Closing in on a date

It’s been a long time coming, and recent reports suggest that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden may be closing in on a wedding date.

With nuptial talk being present in the past to later be found untrue, the latest chatter has a Star insider dishing that the former “Simple Life” star and her Good Charlotte rocker fiancé have their sights set on a luxurious Californian resort celebration later this year.

“She wants something loose and not too formal because her kids are going to be in the wedding,” the source tells. “They’re a handful!”

The report adds that Miss Richie and Mr Madden have hired celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss to carry out their big day.


Nicole stores her produce without plastic

Nicole Richie posted a new official site post, titled How To Store Produce Without Plastic! Check out what she wrote below and let me know if you, your parents, grandparents or anyone else you know store produce without plastic.

I store my produce without plastic. Do you?

Check out this article on

You can view the photo bigger here:

Nicole appearing on Wetten Dass with Lionel

Nicole Richie appeared alongside her dad, Lionel Richie, on the German show, Wetten Dass tonight.

I’ve added 4 photos thanks to I hope we can see more soon from the actual interview, which you can watch by clicking here. It’s rather funny, as usual; Nicole and Lionel are generally amazing people.

The pictures are different from the interview, so I wonder what they were doing in the pictures. It looks to be part of a different interview perhaps! Nicole looks gorgeous, I adore what she is wearing.