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On August 25th, Nicole Richie joined Kelly Sawyer on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles to celebrate Kelly’s birthday. Joining them was also Katie Nehra, Sara and Erin Foster, Carlos Lopez, Eric Buterbaugh, Simone Harouche, Rachel Zoe, Hilary Tisch, Sarah Meyer Michaelson and maybe more.

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Parade recently interviewed Nicole Richie. Have a read below:

Life is more complex these days for the former The Simple Life reality-TV star Nicole Richie, 33. Now the mother of two young kids with husband Joel Madden—the lead singer of rock group Good Charlotte—she’s also the creator and star of VH1’s Wednesday-night series Candidly Nicole, creative director for the retail fashion-accessory line House of Harlow 1960 (available at Nordstrom and online)—and a farmer!

How much of Candidly Nicole is taken from your real life?

It’s based off my tweets, my curiosity, and the fact that I’m not always caught up with the latest and the greatest.

What grabbed your curiosity for season two?

Being spread too thin, inventions in the art world, writing memoirs, how everybody is “a little gay.”

What’s next for House of Harlow 1960?

Home decor. My first step was home fragrances. Tabletop will be next. Also, possibly a children’s line soon.

What gives you your greatest satisfaction?

Being a mom and a wife. In doing all these different things, I get to get in touch with different sides of myself.

You have five hens, two worm farms, two bee hives, plus turtles and a dog.

My fresh eggs are gorgeous! They’re pastel—pink and green. I love watching something grow because I’ve given it care. I have an edible garden at the house. It’s something that I really enjoy. I use the worms for composting.

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Nicole Richie attended the COVERGIRL and the VMAs ‘Got You Covered‘ event at Lure on August 27th. She shared the following photos on her Instagram page.

Nicole is wearing the classic “Jane” ankle strap sandals from Saint Laurent. She accessorized with the ‘Heidi’ cat-ear hairband by Maison Michel, which is available here for £520.

nicolerichie: Dancing my way over to talk all things beauty with @CoverGirl #covermoment 😻❤️😻


nicolerichie: TGIF Happy Friday Everybody!! 😻🌹💛💋


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On August 27th, Nicole Richie spoke onstage during the COVERGIRL and the VMAs Got You Covered event at Lure. She was joined by YouTube makeup artist Amanda Steele, Beat Lead Editor, Style at MTV News Gaby Wilson and makeup artist Jake Bailey.

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You can watch Candidly Nicole season 2 episode 5 (Nicole Richie: Ex-Girlfriend) below:

Alternatively, right click and press “save link as” right here to download it.

Don’t forget to watch the episode on the VH1 website if you can. There’s also some bonus clips available there!

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Nicole Richie and her friends say goodbye to waxing on Candidly Nicole.

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Candidly Nicole is back tonight for another new episode which is titled “Ex-Girlfriend.” In this episode, Nicole Richie finds out her friend Kelly and the rest of the modern world have stopped waxing and started using laser treatment, which makes Nicole question whether she should break up with her leg waxer or not. Watch tonight on VH1 at 10/11c.