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Nicole Richie Hijacks a Superfan’s Phone

Posted by Toni on
October 18th, 2016

On the latest episode of Derek Does Stuff With a Friend, Derek Blasberg hangs out with Nicole Richie and two fans. Nicole does what she does best by hijacking one of their phones and causing mayhem by taking selfies, writing comments on social media, sending messages and facetiming.

Click here or on the photo below to watch the video!

On October 15th, Nicole Richie was one of the key note speakers at the Create & Cultivate event held at Mason Fine Art in Atlanta, Georgia. She was joined by her close friend Sophia Rossi and the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Nicole gave a lot of great advice, most notably the following:

“It’s so easy to fall into a box that somebody else had put you in. If you want to save yourself some energy: Just. Be. Yourself. There’s nothing else to be. You’ll only do someone else at 40 percent.”

“We need to be the first one to believe in ourselves.”

“I have the most respect for the darkest times in my life because they have shaped me who I am as an individual today.”

“We each have something to bring to the table. I think instead of looking outward and focusing on what everyone else is doing, you have to have trust and faith enough in yourself to know that you’re going to bring something totally different. Understand your strengths and know your weaknesses. Both are very equal. Both are very important. You don’t have to be good at everything. Know what you’re good at. Look to people in areas that you need help and have those people help you.”

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Nicole Richie takes son Sparrow to his soccer game

Posted by Toni on
October 10th, 2016

On October 8th, Nicole Richie was spotted walking Sparrow to his soccer game in Calabasas, Los Angeles.

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La Ligne: Nicole Richie in the Boudoir Shirt

Posted by Toni on
October 9th, 2016

Nicole Richie did a photoshoot with La Ligne in July and her profile recently went up on their website. She is advertising their Boudoir Shirt and filled in a quick-fire interview in her own handwriting. Check it out on the website by clicking here.

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On October 22nd, Nicole Richie will be hosting the 26th annual awards gala for the Environmental Media Awards. The awards ceremony will be honouring the likes of Jaden Smith and Shailene Woodley.

For more information, including nominees, click here to visit the EMA website.


New Photos of Nicole Richie for La Ligne NYC

Posted by Toni on
October 4th, 2016

In July I posted some photos of Nicole Richie from behind the scenes of a mysterious photoshoot for La Ligne NYC. Some photos from the shoot have emerged thanks to hairstylist Sheridan Ward and makeup artist Sage Maitri.

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Nicole Richie features in Darling Magazine

Posted by Toni on
October 4th, 2016

Back in May, I made a post stating that Nicole Richie will be featured in the fall issue of Darling Magazine! It is now available for purchase on their website for $20 – click here. Unfortunately, international shipping is really expensive – for example, postage to the UK costs $22.

Nicole Richie is many things: Creative Director of House of Harlow 1960, entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer and actress, but that’s barely the beginning of who she is. She rises well before the sun, and spends her days running her own businesses and raising two kids…all with abundant energy and somehow a great deal of poise. When we heard that not only does she do all of this, but also has more recently begun a collaborative event called Pearl xChange, focused on connecting and encouraging women, we were intrigued to find out more about the woman behind the name… Check out the full article in the latest issue of Darling Magazine.

Jamie Schneider, who was the stylist for the photoshoot, shared a sneak peak on Instagram.

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